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Bespoke CMS website development

Would you buy a suit that wasn't quite perfect?

When you next shop for a suit, you have an idea of the perfect fit, material, colour and style don't you? How many times in the past have you bought one that didn't quiet fit perfectly, isn't quite the right material or pattern, not quite the right colour, doesn't have exactly the pockets and lapels you want?

What stops you from buying that perfect suit - cost, availability, speed of service?

What if you could have that perfect suit for no more than one off-the-shelf, delivered to you quickly and with little effort on your part?

Welcome to bespoke website design - the perfect fit for the same or less cost


Bespoke ecommerce website development


While there are many Content Management Systems available (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), they are all crippled to some extent by their attempts to be everything to everyone.

Slow speed
The sites need to allow a wide variety of websites to use them out of the box', and so tend to be slow to display and to update.
Hard to use
Even though you may only need to change a few sections of your site, the CMS system assumes everything is configurable, making it hard to use.
So many thousands of people use the same software package that it becomes worthwhile for hackers to break into the software. Once that happens every site is vulnerable until a software patch can be produced. A hacker can write a web-page that looks jut like a bank or account site and dupe innocent people into revealing their details. This would obviously be bad publicity for you!


The advantages of a bespoke CMS

Before assuming you must have a web-site that allows you to change everything yourself, consider what parts of the site you would actually need to change.

In practise, apart from products on an eCommerce site, few pages require regular updates; your company business and message is fairly constant and a successful business won't have time anyway to think about regular changes just for the sake of it.

In reality, you'll probably find that you only need to make regular changes to a few pages:

A bespoke CMS ensures that fake 'phising' web-pages cannot be created.

Home Page
You may want to advertise special offers or promote seasonal services or products.
News and Events Pages
These are the most obvious pages to keep updated, and you may want parts of them repeated on the home page, perhaps in a news-ticker. In some cases, though, it may be better to just use Facebook and Twitter to spread news stories - live feeds for your social media pages can easily be build into bespoke websites.
If you have a regular turnover of staff, you may want to have a contacts page where you can keep staff details and their emails and direct phone numbers updated. You may also want to update a page of web-links or downloads.

Having a web-site with a bespoke CMS means your web-site displays as quickly as possible and is very easy for you and your staff to administer. You never have any concerns about damage to your site as your staff are restricted in what they can change


We'll help you specify the most efficient bespoke CMS for your online needs

We have years of experience with creating all sizes of website and even the smallest of site can benefit by having some areas for CMS, even if it's just a news page. In terms of both initial outlay and your time in administering the website, a bespoke CMS really can work out cheaper than even a 'free' commercial CMS package.

If you email iCatching as soon as you start to consider how your website needs to operate, then we can point you in the right direction and tell you what you need to consider. We're based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, handily close to the M40 if you'd like us to visit.