This is an example of our 'responsive' web design for desktop, iPads and smartphones.

2011 Hartwell Nurseries

A comprehensive web-site for a local Aylesbury garden centre, the new Hartwell web-site includes many features to interact with the user and deliver their product information as efficiently as possible.

Most pages can be updated by the client to allow them to keep not only products updated, but also featured building supply news and offers on the home page.

Hartwell's delivery area will expand with the company into Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and the site allows them to update the areas they cover using text and Google maps. The site is due for replacement by Summer 2018

The task here was to provide an easy to use content management (CMS) site that could provide the information users required, would work well with local Google searches (good SEO), and didn't take too much time or training for staff to sue and update.

The site was designed and various features added after consultation with the client. We then populated much of the site with the first set of text and images and added relevant data from surrounding towns and villages. The mix of that, and the way we developed how the site creates its own URLs (the web addresses it uses) helped the site quickly gain top slot on Google for a large number of local searches on products, not only in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, but elsewhere, e.g. Oxford and milton Keynes. When optimising for search engines, it's important to not try to 'cheat' - Google didn't get to be a multi-billion dollar business from being stupid! In this case, although we rewrite the town into the URL on the fly, we always use 'canonical address meta tags' to make sure Google knows they all relate to the same page.

We adapted the very same site design when a sister site was required for their plant nursery and garden centre next door. For this, we also added all of the content initially - photography of their entire plant stock, researching the plants and writing the text for each.


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