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2009 Low Price Fireworks, Aylesbury

The LowPriceFireworks shop in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire stocks a great range of fireworks at terrific prices, including all sorts of fantastic rockets and multi-shot barrages. The site is set up ready for eCommerce, as soon as a courier can be found to handle explosives!

The fireworks shop website allows this local business to have a year-round presence on the internet to support a high-street outlet that only opens during specific fireworks seasons.

The site is a Lasso-driven bespoke CMS site that lets the client display new fireworks in a number of categories, and include text, images, videos etc.

The site has proven very popular, bringing customers to the Buckinghamshire shop from as far away as Wales and London!

The site allows people to browse and put together a collection of fireworks, then send their 'shopping basket' to the site where the order is assembled ready for collection. Laws regarding the transit of explosives prevents them from having full ecommerce and despatching goods, although we may be able to do so by selling sealed cases of display fireworks in the future.


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