Coaching, Counselling and Therapy website | Speedy Headless CMS site with excellent self-editing facilities 2022

Our client, Sonia Axis is a charismatic and well-respected life coach and counsellor, and former popular Jazz singer. As such, we wanted to make the website about her, so is full of her images and videos. This a far better selling point for such services than any text!

The "Headless Content Management System" provides easy editing tools to change images, videos and text as well as maintaining testimonials and FAQ sections. The design of the admin means the client has no worries about layout and allocating testimonials and images to pages takes a simple click.

Every website that leaves these studies is built with care and attention to give the best quality we can offer. The site is optimised to be as fast as possible and have zero errors. We think all websites should be error-free but the vast majority of websiters offered by competitors are littered with faults. We're always happy to run a free check on your website or any offered as examples to you.