T & C

All prices subject to VAT at the time of invoicing and our standard T&C. Our standard T&C for bespoke work is 30% of the design cost and 100% of any registration/hosting expense prior to commencement with the balance payable in full on completion of the functional site. Hosting and domain names are sold on an ongoing contract. Cancellations are required prior to the renewal date, the full amount being otherwise due. All files and designs belong to iCatching Design Ltd. prior to full payment, after which full ownership reverts to you. We reserve the right to bill for payment within 4 weeks of completing the functional site or the date at which you wish the site to go 'live' on the internet, whichever the earliest. Minor deviations from original site plans will be accommodated where possible, but more serious departures may incur additional costs.


No information is collected by this website.

All information collected through other means (e.g. email, post, written records) is held securely in a locked office and password-protected computers. Only necessary staff have keys/passwords. Computers are locked down with hardened steel cables and covered by 24-hour IP-connected CCTV to prevent theft, and password-protected to prevent unauthorised access. Automatic incremental backups are in place to maintain integrity of your data. Only the minimum data required is held; this would include accounting contact information, contact details for enquiries plus any data pertinent to the enquiry. Ongoing customer details are held for eight years after any last communication for HMRC accounting requirements. Speculative enquiries are held for three years following any last communication to allow for possible project timescales. All expired electronic data is permanently deleted. Physical data is shredded or burnt.

You can get a description of any data held on you and request deletion or amendment (personal data can be deleted but some commercial details may be required for HMRC/VAT) by emailing design@icatching.co.uk.

Note that some services require us to hold personal data (e.g. hosting, domain name renewals) and requests for deletion in such cases may force the cancellelation of services outside of the original contract.

Third party services are used for data centres and domain name registration. All service providers will be vetted to ensure they comply with GDPR requirements including when acting as a Data Processor. Additionally, the service provider may use a third party; where possible, that provider shall also be compliant (e.g. where providing SSL certificates). In some situations, this may not be possible (e.g. the registration of some domain names outside of EU areas); you will be informed that your data may not be held in GDPR-compliant systems in such circumstances.

Address & Contact Details

iCatching Design Ltd.
4 Buchan Road
OX26 2YH

Phone: 0845 644 2884
Email: design@icatching.co.uk
Web: https://www.icatching.co.uk

Registered in England at the above address, Company No. 04584788
VAT No. 685899838