This website - iCatching Design Ltd., Bicester 2018

This is a 'mobile-first' website and is something we think you'll see a lot more of in the coming years. It's designed primarily for viewing on phones and tablets although it still looks great on laptops and desktop PCs and Macs. The percentage of website veiwings on mobile devices is only going to increase at the expense of traditional computers so it's important to think about giving them priority.

Even though most 'responsive' websites reconfigure the screen according to the device used to view them, designers mostly just leave on the same information, even though the screen may not be big enough to allow good use of it. We realise that mobile users need to interact with the website in a different way to desktop users so we minimise the amount of text but retain it for desktop screens.

This website is designed more like an app. There isn't a 'hamburger' menu to become an obstacle to navigating the site - you navigate using the whole screen as an interface with priority buttons always available. When you use a phone app, you generally only see a hamburger menu for delving deep into the app's settings, so we think mobile websites should also consider this approach.

To add more interest (and be utterly on-trend for 2019 with abstract backgrounds), the site uses a different graphic for every day of the week, with special ones for Christmas and other occasions.

We're also really, really bored of all the template-based Wordpress websites that all look pretty much the same. Lets have some individuality! We only make bespoke websites, so we can design and construct any design you want - traditional, contemporary, modern, funky... This is our website — what would you like us to design for you?