Management development consultancy | Very fast responsive website design with CMS 2020

This website is the third design produced for this company over the years, produced as the business changed and technology progressed.

Gryffindor Ltd. is a management consultancy specialising in HR development, training and coaching especially in the brewing, restaurant and hospitality sectors.

The website is very adaptable, allowing the client easy editing tools to change banners, images and text as well as maintaining their staff profiles and client case-studies.

As always, the website is responsive and mobile-friendly, with a bespoke CMS that is safe and extremely easy for all staff to use.

As always, we pay particular attention to the details that bring the best website performance. This benefits the website's clients and improves how it is perceived by Google and other search engines. One of the slides above shows the very high score in Google's own "lighthouse" test-suite. In comparison, three of our client's main competitors struggled to get beyond 'poor' scores with one only managing 14% for speed (that was a Wordpress-based website, of course!).