Training log for Clinical Psychologists - NHS Oxford Health Trust OXICPTR 2022

The 'e-log' is an online system for Trainee Clinical Psychologists to record their activities during the entire duration of their training. It replaces a series of large, unweildy Excel spreadsheets, a number of lengthy Word documents and many hours of manual updating and processing by students and administrators. Now, a Trainee Clinician can record their progress in the required clinical competencies with a simple web-based interface, as easy to use on a smartphone as on a tablet or PC.

The recording system uses simple drag and drop interfaces for day-to-day time sheets, and familier forms for data entry. The trainee can quickly check summaries of their progress as well as viewing detailed statistics and graphs of their compliance against preset requirements.

The medical admin staff are even happier with the dramatic time-savings of their interface! The Admin system is multi-level so different staff levels are limited to specific tasks. Supervisors and tutors can see their allocated trainee's data; once the required level is reached they can 'sign-off' that competency, which is recorded and available as a pdf certificate along with a record of the 'pass' in the trainee's data download (as a CSV file) and a clear pass/fail indicator in a summary.

Senior staff have complete control to set up new competencies, create new categories to question the trainee and determine the pass qualification method and limits for each one. Examples may be that a trainee must have seen at least a specified number of case-types, or spent some number of hours supervising consultations; many other metrics are available. The system allows the administrator to create reports and modify existing ones as training requirements change over the years. The system was designed for Oxford NHS Trust and has been extended to allow for Exeter NHS Trust with scope for use by more NHS departments. The system is fast and flexible and would easily handle data for many thousands of users.

The system was developed from an initial brief by Oxford NHS Trust and we were happy to modify the system throughout the development as the enormous flexibility of the approach became apparant to them. As with all websites that leaves these studios the OXEX site was built with care and attention to give the best quality we can offer.