Psychic Tarot Card reading website for local Bicester small business 2023

Jacqui is a psychic tarot card reader based in Bicester and, of course, knew instinctively that iCatching was the best website design company in Bicester!

The website graphics and colours are based very closely on artwork Jacqui had developed for her business cards and exhibition stands. It makes sense to capitalise on a strong graphical image for people seeing the website, Jacqui's social media and whenever they see her stall at local fairs and festivals.

The modular design of both the website and the back-end admin meant that we were able to offer a quick, great-value build! The website was quoted, built and launched in under a fortnight

As with all iCatching websites, great care was put into making the website as fast as possible and have zero errors — both great attributes towards achieving the trust and performance loved by search engines. As a by-product of this efficiency, the website scores within the top 4-percent of global sites for its equivalent carbon-footprint.